Bloop Gel It! Aqua Gel Polish


Our latest addition to the Gel it! Collection is the much awaited Aqua Gel Polish.

- Non toxic

- Waterbased

- Air dry with NO UV light needed.

- Fast drying

- Gel finish

- Peel off to remove

- Odorless

First formulated for the little fingertips of kiddos, this new, water-based polish is a revolutionary non-toxic formula for anyone! With over 30 colours to choose from, Aqua Gel Polish has a super shine gel finish without the the need of UV light curing.

This odourless formula dries easily and quickly by air-dry or fan.

Water-based polish works like a mask for your nails, wrapping and keeping moisture within your nails Safe for daily-wear, it is solvent-free with an environmentally-friendly formula. To keep the colours for even longer, dress your nails with a top coat of your preferred finish - matte or shiny.

And the easiest part of all, just peel off to remove!

It’s Fun! It’s Fast! It’s Easy!

Summer Ash Aqua Gel Polish - W020


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